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Outdoor Landscaping Options To Help You Plan Your Backyard Design

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The exterior of your home and its condition and appearance are equally as important to your home's value as the inside of your home. For this reason, you can add in the right types of vegetation and hardscaping to your outdoor area with the help of your local landscape design contractor. As you begin this process, here are some additions you can add to your yard's design to make it attractive and add natural beauty to the climate and landscaping of your yard.

Consider Drought-Friendly Options

If you live in a climate that has low precipitation or hot temperatures during the summer months, it is going to be a good option to look at drought-resistant and -tolerant vegetation and landscaping ideas. For example, you can look at adding in gravel to some of the landscaping and reduce the amount of lawn to cut down on your yard's water needs. You can also look at growing a desert-scape yard that contains cacti, yucca, and other low-water requirement vegetation.

Talk to your landscaping specialist to get recommendations and to draw up a plan for your front yard. Look at naturally growing vegetation and plant species that are native to your area that you can put together into a beautiful landscaping design. This type of low-water and drought-resistant yard vegetation will free up your water needs to reduce water waste in your property and the entire community and also reduce your water bill.

Add in Shading Elements

Just because you might choose to go with a drought-resistant landscape plan in your yard does not mean your yard will always be hot without any areas of shade. You can add in elements of shade to your yard with trees, large vegetation, and outdoor structures.

Trees are a great way to boost your property's value and appearance, and they can help contribute to your soil's aeration and drainage with their large root coverage within the soil. Tree roots grow within hard soil to break it up and add in pockets of oxygen and moisture to enrich the soil. Then, the roots help water penetrate down into areas of the soil in your yard that would normally not receive any, thus additionally improving the soil's richness and quality. 

You can also add shade into your yard by erecting a pergola and growing a vine plant upon its frame. Or an outdoor patio can provide shade to your backyard and provide a place to set up an outdoor kitchen where you can grill and entertain friends and family. Talk to your landscape designer about the additions you want to put into your outdoor space to make it comfortable and beautiful.