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3 Things To Do With Your Landscape For A Vacation Rental

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After operating a vacation rental for months or years, you may learn quite a lot about the property from experience as well as feedback from your guests. If you are ready to work on the vacation rental to generate even more income by attracting more visitors or increasing your daily rate, you should make sure that you choose projects with easily noticeable improvements.

The landscape is a great feature to focus on since it can impact a guest's experience in so many ways. Hiring a landscaping service is the most surefire way to enjoy positive and reliable results.

Curb Appeal

Improving your curb appeal is the most straightforward task that you can take on. This is something that you can do in so many ways, but you may have a few ideas in mind. You may want to grow a focal tree for the long-term benefit and colorful flowers for a short-term boost.

Picking low-upkeep plants is also advantageous because you want to avoid a situation in which your shrubs, trees, or flowers are suffering from health problems. After you make improvements, you will want to take more photos of the property to show off the improved curb appeal.

Soft Grass

When you are renting out a single-family home, you may know that families stay often with their children. With a sizable backyard, you may expect the kids to go into the backyard and play. To provide them with a better and safer experience, you may want to switch to soft grass. Working with landscapers to replace the existing grass with Zoysia grass will come with many benefits.

For instance, its softness will provide kids and pets with a better experience in the front yard and backyard because most of the yard will be gentler on their feet and paws. Also, when kids fall down while playing, they will fall onto soft grass that will reduce their chance of getting injured.


If you have focused on maintaining your landscape since turning the property into a vacation rental, you may have kept plants with thorns. However, while these plants may be healthy and look attractive on the property, their presence adds the risk of injury to every guest that visits.

To make the landscape safer for kids to roam around, you should not hesitate to replace all thorny plants with ones that will not put anyone in harm's way.

Taking care of these things will lead to a clear improvement in your vacation rental.