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The Art Of Landscaping Your Apartment Building

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An apartment building owner faces some unique challenges when it comes to landscaping the property. While landscaping may seem like a simple and forgettable part of preparing your property, it can actually affect your profit margin in many ways. Poor landscaping choices can make your apartments look dated, seedy, or uninviting. Good choices can increase curb appeal, add to your rental prices, and reduce hazards.

Here are 5 pro tips for any apartment owner.

Add Walkways. If you don't want residents and guests trampling all over your landscape, you'll want to add enough walkways and paths that they don't need to make their own trails. Walkways, parking areas, and sidewalks should form a "skeleton" in your landscape sketches and planning long before you start adding optional features. Test out your path's efficiency by walking on them to and from all parking areas and entrances.

Create Community Space. Outdoor activities are often a big part of what draws renters to a certain complex. Your landscape design should feature a few easily-accessed shared amenities that appeal to your preferred renter pool. Depending on the types of renters, this could be things like benches, a dog park, garden plots, outdoor grills, a fire pit, or covered dining areas.

Make It Secure. A feeling of security will help draw quality renters, as well. This doesn't necessarily mean a fence around the property, though. It could include landscape elements like well-maintained bushes with good visibility above them or trees with a high canopy that don't block views. Walkways, entrances, and parking areas should feature good lighting with motion detectors or automatic timers.

Keep It Green. While you want your landscape to be green all year long, it's a good idea to make it "green" as well. How so? Environmentally friendly materials in hardscaping, drought-tolerant plants, and community gardens are all good draws for young and forward-thinking renters. And they can help reduce maintenance costs, making it a win-win for all. Work with a qualified landscape designer to create an earth-friendly space.

Be Low Maintenance. Of course, you want to keep maintenance and repair expenses low. A few easy choices can help a lot with this. Opt for perennials instead of annuals, for example, so that you aren't replanting everything each spring. Plant locally native species, which generally thrive with less fuss and less watering. And try using low-cost pea gravel in garden beds instead of mulch (that will need to be replaced more often).

Applying any or all of these landscape tips will help you create a simple but beautiful landscape around your apartment building no matter what the budget or size. For more information, contact local professionals like All American Landscape Design Inc.