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3 Of The Biggest Reasons Having A "Bad" Tree Removed Is A Good Idea

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Most homeowners plant trees around their home because they expect the tree to provide some type of benefit. Whether it is shade in the summer, landscape improvement, or otherwise, there are a lot of good reasons to plant trees. However, just the same, there are trees that turn out to be really bad ideas. And these trees are definitely landscape features that you don't need to allow to hang around. Here is a look at three of the biggest reasons having an unsightly, unbeneficial tree removed during tree removal is a good idea. 

Enhance your home's curb appeal. 

If the tree that you have planted eventually grows wild and unruly, it can definitely put a damper on how good your house looks from the curb. It is not all uncommon for the removal of one unsightly tree to make all the difference in the world in how a home looks in the eyes of onlookers. For example, if you have a tree that has grown to block the most of the view of your home, clearing this tree and its obstructiveness will open up your property and make it look better kept. 

Increase the value of your property. 

Large trees that offer no value, but instead obstruct the view can actually lower the value of your property. This is especially true if the tree is large enough that it could pose a safety risk to the house. Buyers will not only see the tree as an eyesore, but also a huge maintenance task that they will have to tackle once the property is their own. If you ever do decide to sell your house, it is best to make sure any unsightly trees are completely eliminated from the equation before you ever start taking pictures for the real estate listing. 

Skip expensive repairs down the road. 

Big trees that have issues with breakage, rot, or weak branches can be a major threat to the livelihood and safety of the structure of your home. You could see fallen branches and limbs damage your roof, knock out windows, and even fall right into your house if the damage to the tree is severe enough that its root system is unhealthy. Some insurance companies even assess the proximity of unhealthy trees to your home when they provide a quote for coverage because of the risks involved with having such a tree near your home.