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Get Your Lawn Ready For Fall With These Awesome Tips

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Are you falling in love with the fall season? If so, your excitement and adoration for the cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and autumn produce may have you distracted. Some people pay close attention to their lawns in the spring and summer, but they make terrible blunders in the fall and winter. The following are a few tips you can use to protect your landscaping in the fall.


You may not realize that mowing your lawn as autumn creeps in can protect your grass. You should aim to cut the grass blades as short as possible. This will ensure that they receive sunlight in the areas that will keep the grass alive. 

Weed Prevention

Weeds take away nutrients from your lawn, and having them in the fall can cause significant issues since grass and other vegetation can "starve" seeking nutrients in the colder seasons. Extracting weeds will aid in ensuring that your lawn can have the best chance at absorbing nutrients and energy from the sun, which will be obvious when the spring and summer come. 

Soil Aeration

Aerating the soil on your property will aid in ensuring that it is able to receive nutrients and oxygen, which both aid in ensuring that grass and plants are healthy. If you do not aerate the soil, it may be difficult for nutrients to penetrate to roots of plants and grass. Oxygen will also likely not be able to penetrate through the soil as it gets colder and firmer. Keep in mind that the temperatures in some areas can cause the ground to become solid due to freezing. 

Remove Leaves

You likely view colorful leaves on your property as beautiful. You may not realize that a layer of leaves over your lawn impedes sunlight from reaching the underlying grass. Dead leaves can also interfere with moisture absorbing into your lawn, which is something that your grass needs. Even if you like the way autumn leaves look, ensure that you routinely clear them away. This will aid in ensuring that your lawn gets some of the sunlight it needs. 

Sprinkler Winterization

Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on sprinkler systems. This is why it is sensible to get your sprinkler system winterized. This involves taking steps to ensure that water does not get frozen in the system, which can cause damage. 

A landscaping professional is a good resource to use to protect your lawn during colder months. They can also perform all of the aforementioned steps if you have a busy lifestyle. Contact a company like Ronco  Irrigation Inc to learn more.