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Why Hydroseeding Is A Good Technique For Growing Grass

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Are you tired of looking at a yard full of dirt and want to grow beautiful grass? You might want to invest in hiring a contractor to perform hydroseeding on the soil. Hydroseeding is a worthy investment for your landscape because it will include numerous benefits. Basically, a slurry of grass seeds, fertilizer, water and mulch will be sprayed onto your soil. Take a look at this article to learn why you should grow your grass through the hydroseeding process.

Your Grass Will Grow Fast

One of the best benefits of hydroseeding soil is that the results are usually fast. Due to the ingredients in the hydroseeding slurry such as water and soil, it helps to trigger the germination cycle of the seeds. The type of grass seeds being spread will also play a role in how fast results are seen. You can see grass begin to grow in up to 7 days.

There Will Be No Weed Seeds in the Slurry

Being that soil naturally has weed seeds in it, you don't want to opt for a seeding process that will include more weed seeds. For instance, with some techniques for growing grass, straw is laid out on top of the seeds to prevent them from blowing away or being eaten by birds. The straw will usually contain weed seeds that can give you unappealing results. However, the mulch used for hydroseeding does not contain any weed seeds.

Inhibits the Erosion of Soil

As soil begins to erode, it can prevent your grass from growing as fast or as healthy as it should. Basically, erosion occurs when the top layer of soil begins to wear away from water, wind, or both of them combined. Opting for the hydroseeding technique is a great way to inhibit soil erosion because the slurry is like organic glue that will secure the mulch to the soil. The soil will have a hard time moving out of place.

You Will Know That the Lawn is Fully Covered

Some seeding techniques can lead to uneven distribution due to being unable to see where thee seeds are placed. You can end up with bare spots in your lawn. The great thing about hydroseeding is that it includes a green dye that will let you know where the slurry has been sprayed. Invest in hydroseeding for your lawn as soon as you are ready to start enjoying grass.

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