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Want to Dive into Each Holiday Season with Festive Landscaping? 3 Plants to Grow

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Some people love warm climates, and with them it is easy to enjoy year-round color in your garden. If you prefer cold climates and live in one of the lower hardiness zones where it gets below freezing, your options for colorful plants take a major decline, but you can still get festive during the holiday season. It is important not to grow just any plants if you expect to have a lovely landscape come wintertime.

Colorado Blue Spruce

As long as you live within zones 2 through 7, you can grow the Colorado Blue Spruce. This lovely tree will create the perfect scenery on your property, especially when it is showcased with other plants. It can take a while for such a tree to grow, but it will provide you with long-term beauty during holiday seasons. One of the great things about this tree is that its soil requirements are lax, so it is ideal for beginners.


Red and green are popular Christmas colors, and green is one of the easiest colors to get in your landscape. However, red is not a color that you will come across in every yard. The best way to solve this is by planting the Winterberry. This plant is great for zones 3 through 9, so it fits in with the spruce's zones. This means you can achieve the iconic green and red color combination with only these two additions.


With two common colors already covered, what is another popular Christmas color? White is seen all over, especially with snow and the white lights that get strung along residential and commercial buildings. If you are worried about not being able to grow these beautiful bulbs with success, know that these flowers are quite resilient because they are not attractive to your typical garden pests. Snowdrops thrive in zones 3 through 8, so you should have no problem growing all three plants in zones 3 through 7.

Some plants are able to endure freezing temperatures and snow coverage, but surviving is not the only thing that snowdrop flowers do. They can be found blooming and enhancing your yard during these times.

Turning your property into a winter wonderland does not have to revolve around Christmas lights and decorations. By growing a few select plants that shine during wintertime in your front yard or backyard, you can show off your festive nature to family, friends, and neighbors through the years.

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