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3 Common Oak Tree Diseases – And How To Stop Damage

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Oak trees are a family of tall, narrow trees that produce acorns. The trees are beautiful additions to any yard seeking a touch of classic greenery. Proper maintenance is important to keep your oak tree looking healthy and regal. Part of that maintenance involves watching for signs of tree diseases and treating the problem as quickly as possible.

Here are a few common oak tree diseases, the symptoms, and how a tree trimming or removal service can help solve the problem.

Anthracnose Disease

Anthracnose is a tree disease caused by a fungus. Symptoms, which can be subtle and only presenting during wet weather, include brown dots on the leaves and branches as well as dead areas inside the leaves. Twigs might unexpectedly die off in the winter.

When anthracnose seems likely, call in a landscaper for a proper diagnosis. A tree trimming service can then trim off all of the damaged areas to prevent the disease from spreading throughout the tree. Fungicide can then be applied to the existing healthy areas and any new regrowth.

Root Rot

There are several different types of root rot that can affect an oak tree. Symptoms vary between types but can include mushroom-shaped growths on the bark, increased branch breakage, and a reduction of leaves. Root rot doesn't always present with symptoms, though, and sometimes the first sign of trouble is when the tree actually tips over during a high windstorm.

Root rot completely kills the roots so there is no way to save the tree once root rot sets in. The root rot might take years to fully kill the roots, but keeping an infected tree in your yard risks the rot moving on to other trees. Once root rot is diagnosed, it is best to call in a tree removal service and have the tree fully removed from your property.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a fungus-borne disease that affects a wide range of oak trees with the exception of white oaks, which is resistant to the wilt. Symptoms start with a browning of leaves, which will then fall off while still partly green, and then the subsequent browning and shedding of branches. Oak wilt is fatal to the affected tree, though the death might take some time.

Call in a tree removal company (like Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc) as soon as an oak wilt diagnosis is made. Keeping the tree around can spread the wilt to not only trees in your own yard but also to vulnerable trees in your neighborhood.