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Blue Lagoon -- Making Your Backyard Lake Cheaper And Easier

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Water adds a fantastic tranquility and beauty to any yard, but incorporating it can be daunting to many homeowners. A large water feature like a big pond or small lake may be doubly nerve-wracking. How will you care for it? What do you do with it? How can you keep it beautiful without spending a fortune? 

Here are 3 tips for managing your large pond without going broke or crazy. 

Landscape Well

Landscaping properly around your grand pond will help it stay low maintenance and attractive. First, work with a landscaper or tree service to determine which of the existing trees are damaged or unhealthy and have these removed. This will help prevent problems later that may cost money and time. 

Now, look at which planted areas will be reflected in the water and choose colorful, slender trees for these areas. Weeping willow or river birch provide interesting elements and color in different seasons, which you can enjoy from lakeside. If you are able to keep some existing large trees, using these as focal points in your landscape will save money on new landscaping. 

Plant hardy, local shrubbery below the trees since these will require less maintenance and have a higher success rate. Shrubs and ground covers encourage small animals that will add to the value of your watery landscape. Be sure not to forget to add seating areas where you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Install a Fountain

Lake fountains in the center (two of them if your pond is large enough) serve many functions. First, it will add interest to your pond, giving it a visual punch. Secondly, it helps to circulate the water and prevent additional algae, moss and leaf buildup. Third, it helps keep the pond from freezing over too much in winter if you live in a cold climate. 

Control the Moss

At least once a month, you should perform a visual check for moss growth on the surface. Use a rake to reach out as far as you can over the surface of the water to rake the moss and collect it in large buckets for disposal. If your pond is too big to reach the center from the shore, use a small rowboat to skim moss from the center. Preventing moss from rooting underneath will help keep your lake clean and healthy. If you find that you have a problem with moss, buy some plant-eating fish to help attack the problem from below.  

Having a lagoon in your backyard is the perfect way to bring nature into your home. By working with the natural elements and adding artificial means to control overgrowth, you can have something that will last for years and always provide new delights to family and guests alike.