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Four Tips To Using Alternative Water Resources For Your Landscaping Irrigation

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Many areas have droughts that make landscaping irrigation essential if you want to have a green lawn and garden. If you use water from your municipal water service, this can be costly when your water and sewer bill comes. To reduce your irrigation costs, you can use alternative water resources for your sprinklers and irrigation. Here are some tips to help you get the water resources you need to have a green lawn:

1. Using Greywater For Drip Irrigation

Greywater can be a great source of water for the irrigation around your home. It can provide you with water for drip irrigation of plants in flowerbeds or a vegetable garden. This water can come directly from appliances in your home and water plants in your garden. It may not be suitable for watering the lawn because of the amount of water grass needs. For watering lawns, sprinklers work better.

2. Watering Your Lawn With Rain Collection Sprinkler Systems

Rain collection can be another great way to get the water you need for irrigating your landscaping. Rain collection can come from gutters on your home and other structures you may have like a shop or garage. With the addition of a pump, this water can be used by an automated sprinkler system to water your lawn.

3. Using The Right Pumps For Your Irrigation Needs

There are also many different types of pumps you can use for irrigation. If you are using drip irrigation for some things, you can use gravity. If you need to pump water up, a small pump can provide the pressure for drip irrigation. If you are using collection tanks for a sprinkler system, you will need a larger pump to provide enough pressure for the sprinkler system to work properly.

4. Using Weather Sensors To Improve The Efficiency Of Irrigation

In addition to different water resources, you can also have weather systems for your irrigation. These systems can provide information to automatic sprinkler systems, so they will know the best time to water your landscaping. The sensors provide information such as sunlight hours and rainfall to determine the best time to water your lawn and the amount of water that is needed.

If you want to reduce the cost of landscaping irrigation, these are some things you can do to use alternative water resources. If you need help  installing some of these systems for your home, contact a professional landscaping contractor, like Irrigation Tech, and talk to them about the best solutions for the water needs of your home.