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The Possibilities Of Landscaping Small Plots Of Land In Urban Environments

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When people think of cities, even small ones, they don't often think of yards, property, and landscaping. However, urban landscaping can do a lot for a property.

Even the smallest plot of land can make a building, or even a whole block, look friendlier and more desirable. If you own a property or just have a small yard, you can utilize the expertise of a professional landscaping service.

Why Even Bother with Urban Landscaping?

If you feel as if landscaping a smaller, inner-city piece of land is pointless, then you should rethink that. It's highly possible to turn any land into something a little more elegant that stands out from the cityscape around it. And everybody can benefit from it:

Renters – People that rent and have some area of land they can make changes to.

Property owners – People who own property or complexes and want to make them more appealing to potential clients. Landscaping can also increase the value of the property.

Commercial businesses – Paying even a little attention to the property can make it stand out and look more pleasing to potential customers.

The city itself – Making any part of a city look better benefits everybody. It makes the area appear friendlier, it attracts foot traffic, and it makes adjacent properties want to do more with their areas.

But before you hire someone to landscape and hardscape for you, make sure you know what you can and cannot do.

Examples of What You Can Do

You can do quite a few things as far as landscaping around your home or business. If you have a ground level apartment or own a building with any amount land in front or back, you have many options. You can plant things, grow grass, or use landscaping tricks to make even small parcels looks larger than they actually are.

If you own large swathes of property, then you have more options. For example, commercial property owners may have the room to incorporate things like parks, paths, and sitting gardens around or through their property.

If you simply rent, but have a back (or front) yard of any size, you can transform it into something amazing. Of course, if you rent, you should always first consult the property owner before you do anything too imaginative. But consider the possibilities. With even a tiny space you can:

  • Plant a garden
  • Grow a tree
  • Create a walkway
  • Carve out a relaxation area

If you do get the permission, you can also add hardscaping features. A little imagination and some consultation can go a long way, with even the smallest of spaces.

Cities Have Ordinances

All cities, even the ones that are closer to being a suburb than to being a city, often have ordinances in place. These ordinances can dictate what you can or cannot physically do with a property.

These ordinances can go for property owners and renters alike. Mainly, if you plan to alter rather than just groom the land available to you, then you may have to check with your municipality to see if it's allowed.

One way to figure this out quickly is to just speak with a professional, local landscaping company. They will know what's possible or not. They can also help you to develop ideas on what you can do with the piece of land allotted to you. For more information, contact Done Right Landscapes or a similar company.