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Adding Retaining Walls To Your Landscaping: Unique Options

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As spring quickly shifts into summer, you find yourself more and more preoccupied with the outdoors -- more specifically, your landscaping. While you ponder what you can do to change and upgrade your backyard landscaping this year, you keep coming back to one common theme: retaining walls. However, you do not want just a standard retaining wall just like everyone else has. Luckily, there are several ways to create a more unique retaining wall for your landscaping project this year. Get to know a few of these options, and get started on your summer landscaping project as soon as possible. 

Not Everything Has To Be Uniform

Most retaining walls that you see used in home landscaping are uniform in shape and size. This means that the bricks or stones used are laid in a set pattern and all bricks or stones are of equal size and shape. 

However, it does not have to be that way. You can use different shapes, sizes, colors, and types of stones and/or bricks to turn your retaining wall into a functional work of art. By creating curved shapes along with vertical or horizontal lines or using several small stones to surround larger stones, you can create unique and one-of-a-kind patterns and designs for your retaining wall.

Plantable Retaining Walls

Another interesting option for your new retaining wall is to opt to install a plantable retaining wall. This can help to add variety and color to your retaining wall and your general landscaping.

Plantable retaining walls are made up of stones that are placed to leave small gaps or spaces in between the stones. Through these spaces, flowering plants can take root in the soil behind the retaining wall and grow. You can use a combination of different low-growing flowering plants and grasses to make the wall more interesting and visually appealing than simple, plain stones.

Built-In Flower Pot Retaining Walls

Another way to incorporate flowers and plants into your retaining wall design is to have flower pots built right into your retaining wall. By combining standard retaining wall stones with ceramic and stone flower pots of different shapes and sizes in the retaining wall, you will break up the monotony of a standard stone retaining wall. 

The built-in flower pots can be used as decorative elements in and of themselves. Or, if you so choose, you can choose flowers in an array of different types to add variety to your retaining wall style and design.

Now that you have a few unique retaining wall ideas, you can get started on your landscaping project this year. So, get creative and create a retaining wall that suits your style aesthetic. For more information, speak with experts like Rock Solid Services LLC.