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Tips To Help You Care For Your Evergreen Trees

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Evergreen trees are beautiful, easy to care for, and grow quickly, but you do need to provide the right types of maintenance to them to keep them as healthy as possible. If you are not good with caring for plants, you can always hire this out to a tree trimming service. They will know the correct timing to use for tree maintenance, and they will trim them in the correct ways. Here are the three main things they will do for your evergreen trees.

Remove dead branches

One important thing to do to keep evergreen trees healthy is to remove all the dead branches. Branches on these trees can die for any reasons, and it is very normal to see some dead ones here and there. If the entire tree is dying, the tree probably has a disease, which is causing it to wither away.

You can hire a tree trimming company to do trim the dead branches for you several times a year, or you could remove the dead branches yourself whenever you notice them.

Prune the trees

Pruning trees is a way of helping them grow better, stronger, and more evenly. For evergreen trees, pruning is something you should do during the late fall or winter, when the tree is dormant. If you prune in the spring or summer, it can harm the growth of the tree. When these trees are pruned, the branches are cut back evenly. By doing this, the trees will have new growth in the spring and will grow healthy.

Watering and feeding them

Evergreen trees are one type of tree that really needs water. Because of this, these trees should be planted in areas with minimal water drainage. If your trees are currently in an area that does not get a lot of water, you may want to water them daily. To help the trees receive enough water, you could place a layer of mulch underneath them. Mulch will deflect the sun, keeping the moisture inside the soil underneath.

You should also fertilize these trees once a year. Your tree service can do this during the late spring or early summer for best results, and you can repeat this step during the fall if desired.

Taking care of the trees in your yard can require work and knowledge, but it's also very important if you want the trees to last. For help completing these maintenance procedures, contact a landscape or tree trimming service in your area.