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4 Ways To Keep Block Walls In The Best Condition For Your Yard

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Block walls are great to use in landscaping because they help to section off certain areas of your yard. You can use them to create planter boxes and even to fence off your yard in order to separate it from the sidewalk. To ensure that the block walls continue to look beautiful and do their job, you will want to know these four ways that you can keep your block walls in the best condition:

  1. Install a Proper Drainage System: When you have a block wall installed, you want to be sure that you install a proper drainage system. If the drainage system does not function as it should, then wet soil and water will build up behind it, which causes mold to grow and kills off plants. Plants want moist soil to be in, not mud, which causes their roots to rot. To install proper drainage, you want to drill small holes into the bottom that allow the water to leak out slowly but surely. 
  2. Clean Out Drainage Holes: To ensure that the small holes you have drilled are constantly working to drain out water, you want to be sure that you clean them out regularly. You can put a screwdriver to a wire through the hole to remove stuck soil. 
  3. Rebuild if Necessary: If the wall begins to lean, this means that it is slowly starting to fall apart, so it is going to have to be rebuilt. You may want to have professionals rebuild the wall for you since it can be time-consuming. Plus, you want to be sure that this next time around, you have it done by professionals who can ensure that the wall lasts for a long time before it needs to be rebuilt again. 
  4. Replace Bricks: If a brick becomes loose on the block wall, you can replace it. Simply remove the brick and chip away at the old mortar that used to hold it in place. Once you have done that, you can apply new mortar, which you can purchase from your local hardware store and then place the brick back in place. Excess mortar will push itself out, so be sure that you scrape and clean it away before it dries. 

By following these four ways to keep the block walls in your landscaping in the best condition, you can be sure that you keep your home's curb appeal high. Contact a landscaping company like Dansons Landscaping Inc for more information about block walls.