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3 Things You Can Make Out Of Your Tree Trimmings

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Tree trimming is done for many reasons. Whether you have recently had your trees trimmed to protect your home from damage, or to ensure the trees grow beautifully shaped and healthy, you can take the limbs that are trimmed from your trees and create some creatively beautiful things. Here, you will get a few ideas of what you can make from those otherwise wasted tree limbs and branches.

Wall Art

Think about how beautiful your tree is as it stands gloriously in your yard. Now, wouldn't it be nice to bring some of that beauty inside your home? Well, you can! This can be done in a couple of different ways.

Your first option is to use empty frames to create a multi-frame wall art collage on the wall. For example: Use three large empty frames positioned one above the other on the wall. Inside those frames are pieces of the branches that were cut off of your tree. Position the branches so that it appears as if they are continuing to grow from one frame to another.

Your second option is using an old window frame hung on the wall. On the back of the old window, you can position the branches to appear as if the tree is just outside of the window.


Larger portions of the tree limbs can be used to create free-standing table lamps. This is a pretty easy project that requires lamp hardware, a lamp shade, upholstery tacks, a hammer, a drill and a very long bit to drill through the limb. To make this:

  • Cut the limb to the desired size.
  • Drill a hole through the center of it to run the wiring for the light.
  • Pound a few upholstery tacks into the bottom of the limb so that it is raised off of the surface. This will give the electrical cord a way out from under the limb without causing it to be off-balanced.
  • Run the lamp hardware wiring through the center of the limb, attach the hardware, put on the lampshade and plug it in.  

Candle Holders

Some of the easiest things that you can make out of all sizes of tree limbs are candle holders. Cut the limbs into sections and drill or chisel the center of the limb to create a place for the candle to be placed. Cut the limbs to different lengths to create a more unique look.

These are just three ways that you can use those tree limbs that would otherwise be taken away to be made into mulch or burned. Give the limbs a second life and express your personal creativity while having fun with the limbs cut from your trees. If you're looking for a tree trimming service, visit Treetime Inc.