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Want An Inviting Backyard Landscape? Use Decomposed Granite To Create A Small Patio

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Enjoying a nice breeze on the patio or a semi-secluded space in your backyard is definitely something you probably dream of doing as the temperatures warm up. Many materials exist that you can use to create such a space, and the amount of money you spend depends on your budget and design choice. Decomposed granite is crushed rock that fits nearly every budget. This guide explains how you can create a patio or semi-secluded space in your backyard.

Step 1: Purchase Your Granite and Other Supplies

Before you get started, you'll need to know how much decomposed granite to purchase. Use a tape measure to obtain the width and the length of the space. Take the measurements to the home improvement store and tell the associate that you want to cover that much space in decomposed granite. This is the time to know what color you want, so that the associate gets the right one. While they are getting that together for you, pick up the following tools and supplies:

  • a shovel
  • a rake
  • a tiller
  • enough weed barrier cloth to cover the area
  • level
  • plants and flowers
  • patio furniture

Step 2: Clear the Space

Use the tiller to break up the ground. Only dig a couple of inches so that you don't end up needing more granite than necessary.

Once you break up the grass, weeds and dirt, shovel them away so that all you see is soil.

Step 3: Lay Down the Granite

Place the weed barrier cloth over the space. Open the containers of decomposed granite and use the rake to spread it around.

Place the level on various spots of the area to ensure your new patio doesn't have any bumps or hills that people can trip on. Add more granite to uneven spots and rake the entire area until it's level.

Step 4: Add Your Desired Furnishings

After you have achieved a level surface with the granite, set up your outdoor furniture any way you wish. Consideration: This type of space is perfect for furniture made out of any material. Additionally, a nice fire pit in the center can bring about a wonderful ambiance.

Plant your favorite plants and flowers around the perimeter of the space and/or along the walkway leading to it.  

Use decomposed granite in other areas of your property as well. Use it as a border around your garden, a path leading to your semi-secluded area or use it as a walk going from your driveway to your front door. Ask a landscaper like Hickory Lane Farm's Nursery & Landscape LLC for other lawn and garden ideas using decomposed granite.