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5 Tips For Transforming A Smaller Yard Into Your Own Tropical Oasis

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Whether you've just bought your first home or have moved into a home with a smaller yard that you're used to, it may be a challenge to get the landscaping done with the limited space. If you're curious about how to incorporate tropical landscaping when working with the challenges of a smaller yard, you can incorporate some of the following five ideas.

Take Advantage of Any Views

If you're lucky enough to have a nice view that can be seen from the yard, it's a good idea to make this a focus of the yard. This means forgoing the typical wooden fencing and choosing clear panels or iron bars that allow an unobstructed view.

Designate Sections of the Yard

While working with a smaller yard limits how much you  can do with it, there is no reason to skip some of the features that are the most important to you. If you would like a garden and also want a space to barbeque with friends, you'll just need to set up small zones that feel separate from one another. Working with the size of the yard and setting up individual sections can help the space feel much larger than it is.

Get Creative With Container Gardening

If you want a garden, but are lacking the space needed for a raised garden bed or fenced-in area, you should look into container gardening. Setting up some pots around the seating area of your yard can help you grow tropical plants so that the space is brightened up and gives you the visual flair you want.

Add a Running Water Feature

Running water in the form of a fountain or pond can be a luxurious feature when added to any outdoor space, making it a great option for your yard. Even with the size limitations you're working with, you can add a water feature that is smaller in size and still offers the same effect.

Avoid a Traditional Lawn

While a sprawling green lawn can look beautiful on some properties, its wasted space when you're working with a smaller yard. Skipping a lawn and incorporating different All Season Landscaping elements can ensure you get a bit of everything and have plenty of room to entertain guests.

With some careful designing, you'll be able to have a yard that looks great and offers all the features that are important to you. By incorporating features such as tropical plants and running water, you can have a space that looks beautiful and is relaxing to spend time in.